IP Address Conflict: Easy Tip to deal with it!

conflicts with your IP address and how to solve them

conflicts with your IP address and how to solve themIn a network IP Address Conflict is common and irritating problem. When a layman faces this problem normally they go for finding IP conflict Resolver software or script to solve the problem. But when curious person or network professionals like me face this problem, he/she may want to understand and go deeper taking it as opportunity to learn the case (unless you are in hurry). So, here I will be giving you few tips on the steps forward in very simple language. (Please remember throughout this article I am giving reference to windows based system.)

First let me introduce you to IP Conflict as a formality, when two of your PC, Printer or any other device in the network claim to have same IP address ( e.g. Computer A and B both are showing same IP Address as current IP address ), that means you have IP Address conflict which is reported by system as : – “The system has detected an IP Address conflict”,

“Windows System Error: IP Address Conflict with another system”,

“The system has detected an IP address conflict with another system on the network. Network operations on this system may be disrupted as a result. More details are available in the system event log. Consult your network administrator immediately to resolve the conflict”, etc.

In such condition system stops performing or performances very badly on the network. When you are getting this error first time, don’t ignore and simply write the exact string. Now try to release or renew IP, with command ipconfig /(release/renew), If you simply get another IP the problem is gone.

But if you still face the problem then find out the IP address that is causing the problem. Identify the conflicting devices. Identify the MAC Address of both devices. When you find the PC other than yours that is creating the problem, change its Static IP Address to outside the DHCP Range to a unique one.

But if you don’t have access to that device or don’t know its MAC Address then start command prompt, type “ping –a ”. The device will return the device name, if it is windows compatible device. this happens with a lot of web design townsville.  It can be helpful to identify the problem creating device.

If you only have MAC address of your device that is reporting the conflict error message, then use command in command prompt “arp –a ” (replace the with the IP Address) It will display the ARP Cache for the IP Address until you get a response other than MAC Address of same device.

Now you can continue with changing static IP Address to outside the DHCP Range to a unique one.

If you simply want to give a try to release or renew IP with script, following is the VB script for you:

’the script code begins here.
On Error Resume Next
Dim oBConfig
Set oBConfig = GetObject(“winmgmts:Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration) If oBConfig.ReleaseDHCPLeaseAll = 1 Then MsgBox “IP address was Successfully Released!” Else MsgBox “Release was not successful!” End If If oBConfig.RenewDHCPLeaseAll = 1 Then MsgBox “IP address was Successfully renewed!” Else MsgBox “Renew was not successful!” End If Set oBConfig = Nothing ’the script code Ends here.

Execute it as VB script inside a vbs file. (Note: Vbs file is simply a text file, which executes VB Script)

Why You Need A Consultant For Programmatic Advertising

Why You Need A Consultant For Programmatic AdvertisingProgrammatic advertising campaigns can be incredibly effective. Many companies that have sunk money into these campaigns have seen an impressive return on their initial investment. However, there are also companies that failed to get results from their programmatic ad campaigns.

Why do these campaigns work perfectly for some, but don’t work for others? More often than not, the success — or lack of success — that these campaigns have is directly connected to the level of expertise behind the campaign. If you don’t know much about programmatic advertising, it is easy to fail at it.

That’s why you need to work directly with a programmatic consultant on your new campaign. Read on to learn more about the many perks that a programmatic consultant can provide you.

They Can Help You Find The Right Place For Your Ads

Where are you going to be placing ads? You can’t simply select ad slots based on what’s available. You need to consider whether or not these ad slots are a good fit for what you are doing. You need to think about the kinds of people that are going to be seeing your ads.

Your campaign will fail or succeed based on where you place your ads. A consultant will help you to find the best places for your ads. They’ll consider all of your options and help you to identify the best choices that are available to you.

They Can Help You Make Your Bids At The Right Time

When you’re launching a programmatic ad campaign, you need to think about more than where you are going to place your ads says Celestis DNA Banking. You also have to consider when you should place your ads. When you work with the right consultant, you will be able to put in bids at the ideal time.

Working with a consultant will allow you to do a lot more with the money that you do have. If you’re careful about when you place your bids, you’ll be able to stretch the money that you do have a lot further.

They Can Help You To Measure Your Results And Build On Your Success

Having one successful programmatic ad campaign isn’t going to be enough. You need to make sure that all of the campaigns that you launch in the future are successful as well. A consultant will help you to evaluate your results. From there, they will help you to adjust your approach so that you can reach new levels of success in the future.

If you want your business to grow and thrive, you need to make sure you capitalize on all of the successes that you achieve. You should always keep your eyes on the future.

You shouldn’t try to launch a programmatic ad campaign on your own, especially if you don’t have any real experience with programmatic advertising. Instead, you should hire a consultant that can help you through the process. The right consultant should be an excellent resource for you. They’ll help guide you to bold new levels of success.

Avoiding HSRP Configuration Errors

Avoiding HSRP Configuration ErrorsWhy is this important?

Cisco’s Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) is designed to provide router redundancy by allowing two or more routers to backup each other on an important subnet. If one router or its interface dies, a backup router takes over the group’s virtual address.

Internally, the Cisco router will allocate an HSRP group as soon as the first configuration command has been entered.

The problem occurs when a partial configuration is entered or a configuration is not completely deleted.

The HSRP group remains active, consuming some (hopefully minimal) level of internal resources. These groups are identified as being in initial state that is they are not yet operational and are waiting further configuration information to become active.

Manual determination

Use the Cisco privileged EXEC command show standby init to show HSRP groups in initial state. The default command, show standby will not display any group in initial state. An alternative is to examine the router’s configuration file.

For example the following configuration will create HSRP group 0 and assign it an IP address of, based on the input of one fragment of an HSRP configuration (shown in bold).

interface Vlan110
description { Exchange Servers }
ip address
standby priority 90
standby 1 ip
standby 1 priority 105
standby 1 preempt

Depending on the specific statements that are entered, a group number or IP address may exist in the HSRP group that is in the initial state.

More recently, we have found that some recent IOS releases will learn HSRP configuration information from the HSRP hello packets sent by neighboring routers and will create a new HSRP group that is in initial state as was the Linksys router review.

The potential problem is whether one of the affected HSRP groups should have been configured differently and redundancy that was designed into the network does not exist.

HSRP In Initial State

Automatic determination

The SNMP data used by NetMRI shows the state of all HSRP groups, providing the visibility into partially configured groups that is not available via the Cisco CLI. NetMRI checks this data and reports an issue for any group that is in initial state.

The configuration of the device identified by the IP Address and Device Name field of the issue details should be examined to identify any partial HSRP configuration statements.

Look for ip standby statements that are missing the group number (if the group number in the issue is zero) or missing an IP address (if the Virtual IP is

Further reference:

Use the Cisco search engine to search for the following named documents:

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