Using Technolgy to Compete With Big Business

Imagine starting a company using easily accessible software and tools all from your kitchen table and making upwards of $10,000 a month, and all with very little capital.

I know it most likely seems to good to be true. But it’s real.

Thousands of people are flocking to Amazon’s FBA program to do just that.

See, using technology and the internet, it’s totally possible to start your very own Fullfilment by Amazon physical goods business from practically anywhere in the world.

And there are already a ton of people finding some serious success at it.

Just check out this link to Amazon’s page of sellers who are doing extremely well.

And all without ever manufacturing anything themselves. And they sell everything from hair dryers to drones under $200.

Gone are the days of huge corporations creating and marketing products while the sole entrepreneur is left out in the cold.

With the internet you can now find manufactures all around the world who would be thrilled to create your products for you.

Or better yet, already manufacture products but are willing to sell them to you at a huge bulk discount AND add your “company” logo to make them your own brand!

This is called white-labeling and it is making a lot of people very rich.

Not only can you get any product you want, but pretty much every single thing you would need to run a company is now online or an app, and far cheaper than it’s ever been.

Just take something as simple as keeping track of your employees and their working hours. This used to be pretty much a full time job for the accountants of most small businesses. Today companies like do everything that would take an actual time stamp clock, time cards and all the filing, sorting, etc…all just becomes a super easy to use app. And it’s so inexpensive any small company can afford it.

Add to the ease and speed of getting a product to sell with the tools available to every marketer, regardless of their size or experience, and you’ve got a small business opportunity like never seen before.

I mean imagine being able to just choose a product you think will sell well on Amazon, have a manufacturer make it and brand it for you, have the world’s largest online retailer sell it for you, ship it and even help market it for you, then couple that with analytical tools that previously would have costs thousands of dollars to create and update, all at your fingertips for practically nothing.

That’s the power of FBA.

And not only is this a unique business to get started in using very little capital, even the tools to help you sell more are affordable then ever before.

One platform of tools is called BlackBird. It’s an entire suite of tools that make being an Amazon FBA seller easier and more profitable. And starts at only $99 a month.

You can check out to see an in-depth review of the product.

But this platform, as well as many more are really leveling the playing field for small business owners, or for you guys that are looking to get started running your own businesses.

Take a look at FBA, it’s an exciting business opportunity that is real. And it lets you work with the largest online retailer in the world.

You really couldn’t ask for a better opportunity.

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